I am interested in the human condition and the interactions and connections that make people.  In my previous career, in the British Police service, I observed people under almost every circumstance imaginable.

These often very difficult and distressing experiences led my main practice into the realm of street photography; capturing candid moments in a variety of situations and environments where the subject is unaware of my interest in them. 

Increasingly I am drawn towards the juxtaposition of light and shade and their active role in enhancing visibility in an urban setting.

My key influences are the renowned British photographer Don McCullin for his incredible use of light to single out his subjects; Swiss photographer Beat Streuli for his street images exemplified in his collections ‘New Street’ and ‘Fabric of Reality’; and American photographer Philip Lorca DiCorcia, in particular his ‘Heads’ series from which I have drawn inspiration for my own work.

I have previously exhibited work, together with other artists, in the Arts Café in West Bromwich, and exhibitions in the George Wallis building in Wolverhampton.
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